About Us

Who we are and why us?

Okmixer.com (company -  Snowy Technologies GmbH, registered in Germany) provides exclusive e-currency top-up and withdrawal services from small to large amounts. We have launched our business in 2015, and we are always looking for new ways to help our customers exchange their money from the e-wallets.

There are many different e-currency exchangers around the world that provide services similar to ours. However, we believe that we possess attributes that distinguish us from the rest:

    We are the fastest. Many exchangers use the same system to exchange their clients’ money. We have built our own system from scratch. We have developed relations with e-currency providers to enable a cutting edge speed of exchange.
    Today, we offer the lowest exchange rates. Our agents work hard every day to guarantee that our customers get only the best deals to exchange their money. We believe that it is unfair for exchangers to charge high fees for the exchange services while the service costs are relatively low.


Our company is a team of young and clever people, and we think that being open-minded and negotiable are the most important things in online business. We will always be open for new ventures and partnerships because the internet changes daily and the only way to consolidate yourself in the market is to introduce innovations. Many exchangers emphasize their reliability.

We believe that this does not even need to be mentioned, because every business must be fair and must comply with the law. However, online business is a place full of deceitful people who aim at harming and causing damages to other people or businesses. That is why we regularly invest into our website security and always perform verification of our clients. Being reliable is a virtue that could be easily lost, but we are ready to do everything to ensure our stability and credibility.


Clients are our first priority

In today’s fast moving world we understand that it is very important to go hand in hand with modern technologies. That is why we believe it is important to have our website adapted even for those who use mobile phones to send or exchange their money. Even while using the newest technologies, it is also our job to open new doors and boarders to our clients. Everyday our financial team is looking for new partners and e-currencies to enable a possibility for the users to exchange money wherever they are. However, we might not have everything you need. In this case, we ask our clients not to hesitate and ask our friendly customer support service for assistance. Okmixer guarantees that the company will do everything in order to satisfy our clients’ needs.


We are official and verified

Many other exchangers claim that they are legitimate and verified but in reality it is not always the case. We are proud to say that many e-currencies including Perfect Money, Payeer and Solidtrustpay have recognized us as a legitimate, trustworthy and professional exchanger.


Our mission, vision and virtues

Our mission is to help people to quickly and at a low rate exchange e-currency or to receive money to their bank avoiding high system fees of other banks or payment providers.

Our vision: To become a leader in exchanging e-currency worldwide by 2019.