We are always glad to answer your questions and receive your suggestions on how to improve the service. Also, we accept applications for including new exchangers in our list. Use the following information to contact us:

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What is this site for? is a free Internet-service intended to help finding electronic currency exchange services with the best exchange rates.

Are all exchange services mentioned on Okmixcer turstworthy?
Yes, all of them are trustworthy. Every electronic currency exchange service was thoroughly investigated before we included it to our website.
Besides, we control due performance of exchange services. If our users start experiencing problems with a certain exchanger, we can temporarily exclude such site from the rating unless the issue is resolved.
Any user can publish a negative testimonial if he/she faced a problem while working with a certain exchanger. Administrators of the majority of exchange services cooperate with our monitoring and can quickly deal with the issue, and when it is resolved - post a comment directly at

What is Reserve?
The available exchange reserve is the amount of currency a certain exchange service offers for exchanges. The exchanger cannot carry out an operation that requires larger sum than the reserve it has.

I send money to one of exchangers,but the exchange still didn't finish,despite the deadline has already passed.What shoud I do?
If you performed an exchange in one of exchange services of our monitoring, don't worry – your money isn't lost, as there are no scam sites in our list.
Nevertheless, sometimes some exchange services, like any other organization, may experience difficulties in providing their services to users in time. In such cases we recommend:
Wait a bit. As a rule, most exchanges complete in 1 hour, if the policy of the exchange service doesn't state the opposite. The delay may be longer if the exchange request was placed out of hours;
Contact the support of the exchange service you tried to perform the exchange at. Try various available contact options, may be some of them will be more efficient;