2020 has been the best year for cryptoasset investment since 2017, while there’s even an argument that it’s the best year ever, given that the growth of the crypto market seems steadier and more stable this time out. But what about next year?

For the most part, 2021 is shaping up to be almost as eventful and turbulent as 2020. The coronavirus is expected to stay with us for some time to come, and in response governments are likely to continue pushing ...

Major crypto exchange OKEx confirmed that it will reopen "unrestricted withdrawals" on or before November 27.

"One of OKEx’s private key holders has completed assisting the authorities in a previously referenced investigation. Throughout this investigation, OKEx was confirmed not to have been involved in any wrongdoing or illegal activities, and the private key holder has now returned to his normal business functions," the company said.

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Should the Bank of England decide to issue a widely used central bank digital currency (CBDC), the move could help the country’s economy to benefit from negative interest rates, according to Andy Haldane, the central bank’s Chief Economist and Member of the Monetary Policy Committee.

“On the monetary policy side, one of the most pressing issues for monetary policymakers today is the zero (or close to zero) lower bound (ZLB) on interest rates. At root, the ... read more

A South Korean minister has talked about the government’s intention of fostering “blockchain unicorns” as part of its medium-term strategy to boost growth and mitigate the devastating effects the coronavirus pandemic is set to take on the nation’s small and medium-sized business sector.

Per media outlet E Daily, Park Young-sun, the Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups, stated,

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A Deutsche Bank strategist has expressed another hopeful-sounding sentiment about  bitcoin (BTC) – but it looks as though not everyone in the conventional financial world has been sold on the crypto dream, with the head of JPMorgan still expressing doubt about the role of unregulated tokens in the sector.

In a note shared with and co-authored by Jim Reid, a Research Strategist at the German banking giant, Reid wrote that since positive ... read more