Binance has turned to the DEX of DEXes, the on-chain liquidity aggregator Kyber Network, to help bring support for multiple decentralized exchanges to the Malta-based global crypto trading giant’s in-house Trust Wallet.

Through the meld, Binance’s Trust Wallet users can now interact with a series of decentralized exchanges right from within their wallets. Previously, Trust Wallet had only been compatible with non-custodial trading on Binance DEX as of a few weeks ago. ... read more

For the most part, Mark Zuckerberg has kept his mouth shut about cryptocurrency and Libra. The embattled social media founder, who has found himself in the midst of a number of privacy imbroglios over recent years, has probably found it best not to associate his name with the first form of “corporate money”.

Recently, this changed. In a recent quarterly earnings call, Zuckerberg felt a responsibility to address the elephant in the room, making it clear to shareholders ... read more

In yet another sports-crypto collaboration, a Cleveland professional basketball team along with its esports league affiliate, Cavs Legion GC, has partnered with UnitedCoin. The partnership would create more awareness for the crypto project and also bring cryptocurrency and blockchain technology closer to the people.


Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are gradually gaining widespread acceptance among different sectors, and the sports industry seems to be ...

Libra has undoubtedly become the talk of the town over recent weeks. Since being unveiled just one month ago, the cryptocurrency has been mentioned by giants in technology, finance, and politics — Donald Trump included.

On Tuesday, JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon hopped on the Libra bandwagon, actually taking some time to bash the project while lauding his own take on digital assets — the privatized JPM Coin.

Libra Isn’t an Immediate Threat… ... read more

Permanent loss of funds has been an unfortunate reality for some in the early cryptoeconomy. Fortunately for Binance they’ve just experienced the opposite, having accidentally staked their way into a sum of nearly 10 million lumens (XLM), ... read more